National Advanced Biofuels Consortium Process Strategies

The National Advanced Biofuels Consortium (NABC) is investigating six process strategies to convert lignocellulosic biomass feedstock to biofuels that are compatible with the existing transportation infrastructure. These new and innovative technologies can advance the commercialization and adoption of advanced biofuels.

The National Advanced Biofuels Consortium is investigating these biofuel-conversion technologies:

NABC Cross-Cutting Research

The consortium will perform cross-cutting research on feedstock logistics, pretreatments, separations, upgrading, pyrolysis fundamentals, engineering and sustainability analysis, and refinery integration. NABC will complete this research in two stages.

Illustration that shows six vertical bars depicting the process strategies being crossed by eight horizontal bars depicting the cross-cutting technologies.

This matrix of NABC technology and strategy teams will ensure development of complete integrated processes.