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Spring 2011

The spring 2011 issue of the quarterly National Advanced Biofuels Consortium (NABC) newsletter provides information about NABC activities and events and describes research progress made toward developing cost-effective processes to produce biofuels compatible with today's transportation infrastructure.

Consortium Corner

NABC on Target to Meet First Consortium Milestone

The first milestone for the NABC, entitled "Demonstrate Production of Key Final Products," is on target to meet DOE's July 15, 2011, deadline.

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Technology Spotlight

NABC Pursuing Two Refinery Insertion Points for Finished Fuel Production

NABC is pursuing two insertion points for leveraging existing refinery and fuel distribution infrastructure to produce finished fuels from biomass. The refinery insertion partners, BP and Tesoro, will test the finished fuels for compliance with ASTM standards and feed the results back to the process strategy teams.

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Research Updates

Process Strategy Teams Working Toward Stage I Objectives

Photo of a flask that is labeled pyrolysis oil and that contains a dark brown liquid.

Research updates are available from the six process strategy teams and from the separations, feedstock logistics, and analysis cross-cutting technology teams.

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NABC Interviews Chief Technology Officer Dr. John Holladay

Photo of John Holladay

Dr. John Holladay, NABC's chief technology officer, answers questions about NABC research focus, engineering and sustainability analysis, and roles and responsibilities of the chief technology officer.

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NABC Holds Second Technical Advisory Council Meeting

NABC held its second Technical Advisory Council meeting in Golden, Colorado, on March 7, 2011, to discuss general consortium business and review project status.

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"Technology and innovation in creating sustainable energy alternatives in biofuels are advancing swiftly because of the NABC research."

—David Dayton, RTI